Note to recruiters

Note to recruiters: We are quite aware that recruiters, interviewers, VCs and other professionals generally perform a Google Search before they interview someone, take a pitch from someone, et cetera. Please keep in mind that not everything put on the Internet must align directly to one's future career and/or one's future product portfolio. Sometimes, people do put things on the Internet just because. Just because. It may be out of their personal interests, which may have nothing to do with their professional interests. Or it may be for some other reason. Recruiters seem to have this wrong-headed notion that if somebody is not signalling their interests in a certain area online, then that means that they are not interested in that area at all. It is worth pointing out that economics pretty much underlies the areas of marketing, strategy, operations and finance. And this blog is about economics. With metta, let us. by all means, be reflective about this whole business of business. Also, see our post on "The Multi-faceted Identity Problem".

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The metamorphosis of Ask the Delphic Oracle

As 'Ask the Delphic Oracle' awoke this morning from uneasy dreams, it found itself transformed into a gigantic group blog. We have two new co-bloggers, folks. They are :

  • Anuradha Ananthanarayanan - Officer in Finance and Accounts at Renault Nissan India.
  • Prof. Sankaran Manikutty - Professor at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Anuradha is joining us as an extern. I think the term 'extern' defines the role a lot better than the term 'intern' since she is really not in training of any sort here. She is based in Chennai, India, and is a Chartered Accoutant. She will be helping us with the technology and innovation posts. Prof. Sankaran Manikutty retired as a full Professor from the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad (IIMA) but he continues to teach. He recently finished teaching his course on organizations "Leadership : Vision, Meaning and Reality" at IIMA and has been invited to teach the course at the Institute again next year. He will be blogging with us this quarter.

Please join me in welcoming the new bloggers.