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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The world's longest crossword clue - discussion - puzzle #1

Cut-and-paste of the discussion on the Cryptic Crossword Society Facebook Page.


Okay, I am going to make a play for the world's longest crossword clue.
1 Ac. No idea, no idea, no idea, no idea, no idea, no idea, no idea, no idea, no idea, no idea, no idea, no idea, <repeated a million times> (3,1,4).
Ganesh Nayak NOT A CLUE
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Anand Manikutty Once I reveal the answer, or someone solves it, it will be easy to see - at least for those familiar with mathematics - that this clue can be made as long as you want. In fact, it has cardinality equal to aleph-naught.
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Anand Manikutty I am claiming two World Records:

- the record for the world's longest crossword clue

- the record for the world's largest crossword puzzle.

Submitted my application to the Guiness Book of World Records.

Your application reference

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Ganesh Nayak Can you pl link to the largest crossword puzzle?
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Anand Manikutty That would be Question 7. I just updated the blog.
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Anand Manikutty
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SSv Avtaar How is it the longest clue? You can count 'a million times' literally and what is the purpose of repetition?
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Anand Manikutty Fair question. 

As for answers, see my blog "Ask the Delphic Oracle":

I have confirmed with James Bonilla. This is a fair cryptic crossword clue.

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Anand Manikutty Can you clarify your question: "You can count 'a million times' literally and what is the purpose of repetition?"? It is ambiguous.
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SSv Avtaar Just 'no idea' means Not a Clue. What is the purpose of repetition?
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Anand Manikutty I have answered your question on the blog. 

At the end of the day, please note that whether you agree with specific interpretations of crossword clues or not, the setter of clues always has much license in the way they set clues. Such license cannot b
e taken away from the clue setter - in other words, the benefit of doubt must always be given to the clue setter. The belief that "the benefit of doubt must always be given to the clue setter" (call it B1) is my ideological belief in the context of this discussion, and, for obvious reasons, I am not going to change my opinion on the matter of that particular belief.

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Anand Manikutty ^^^^

Note that I am arguing in a particular way. The discussion itself is organized in a particular way. This asserts the main points I am making in this discussion while avoiding unnescessary detail.

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Ganesh Nayak NOT A CLUE (this time, about what you're talking smile emoticon )
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Anand Manikutty @Ganesh Nayak - It's a lot of fancy mathematics. If you are familiar with context-free grammars, it would be possible to continue. Otherwise, I will let people (that is, mathematicians) familiar with context-free grammars discuss this further with me.
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Anand Manikutty The basic clue and solve is as below.


The clue is in two parts.

The first part is the phrase "No idea". This clues the final answer "Not a clue". The second part is the rest of the clue "no idea, no idea, ..., no idea". This part is -not- a clue. It is just a long sentence. At least, this is the case in our first reading (call this Reading R1) of this clue. This yields the answer "Not a clue". Thus, the phrase "Not a clue" is clued in two different ways. This satisfies the requirements for a cryptic crossword clue.

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